Spencer Based 7th Boys/Girls

Roster And Team Info

7th Grade Boys Roster Number
Bryan Brabec- Newell – Fonda 35
Mason Carver- Cherokee 24
Connor Geelan- Emmetsburg 8
Austin Harms- Okoboji 13
Jacob Hodgdon- Cherokee 22
Trey Jungers- Newell- Fonda 3
Vance Katzfey- Spirit Lake 21
William Lugar- Cherokee 6
Tyler Morton- Emmetsburg 23
Kaleb Peschong- Okoboji 14
Beau Wilken- Newell – Fonda 2
7th Grade Girls Roster Number
Haley Berends – Clay Central- Everly 33
Alexa Johnson – Spencer 13
Emily Nothwehr – Storm Lake St. Mary’s 16
Allison Piercy- Spencer 3
Kinsey Schroeder – Spencer 12
Ella Stoll – Okoboji 14
Reagen Swanson- Emmetsburg 22
Abbey VandeLune – Cherokee 23
Caitlyn Weeks- Spencer 10
Montana Wilson – Okoboji 55

Grade Goals

Finding your passion: Our main goal at this age group is for athletes to find either passion for the game of basketball. Some may be starting to set high goals for themselves while others want a different path than playing basketball. This is the stage where kids learn to make their own choices as they get ready to head into high school. As a parent, it is important not to force sports or other activities on your child. Let them find their passion.

Lay ups: Athletes will learn the proper use of a reverse lay-ups.

Footwork: Athletes will continue to use different types of jab steps and ball fakes (pass fakes and shot fakes).

Shooting form: Athletes will continue to shoot with movement (shooting off the dribble and off the catch). They will start to shoot off screens and develop a more skilled pull up shot.

Ball handling: Athletes will continue to polish their ball handling skills. At this point, all ball handing drills will be done with two balls. For example, one ball is dribbling with right hand and the other ball is being dribble with left hand going around left leg.

Passing: Athletes will be allowed to pass behind the back, no look passing. We will work most on passing off ball screens and passing into the post.

Rebounding: Athletes will continue to work on rebounding techniques. Boxing out and getting the ball at its highest point.

Offense: We will continue to embraces the “Read the Defense” mentality. We expect all athletes to understand all 5 on 5 sets, side out of bounce sets, and baseline out of bounce sets. Athletes will be held accountable “mentally”. Coaches will now work on late game situations.

Cuts and screens: Athletes will be continue to work screening and cuts to get open. (curl cut, flare cut, back cut, L cut. Post players post flash concepts and we will now work on reverse screens.

Defense: Our Defense will feature 1-2-1-1 press, 2-2-1 press, and man/man. We will now start playing and introducing 2-3 zone, 3-2 zone, and half court press.